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Google Earth + Drone Images of Kirkby Lonsdale + how we plan and cost a Kirkby Lonsdale community fibre optic network

Just a few initial images and a brief description to show a glimpse about the use of Google Earth imaging capabilies and drone pictures + explain how B4RN route planning and network costing works.

The highly professional team at B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North Ltd in Melling, only 5.5 miles / 10 minutes away from central KL) helps us design and create our total B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale project routing and costing. That preliminary work begins immediately. B4RN also use online postal address and utility company routing databases, plus of course our own local volunteers' knowledge to do this vital route planning.

Based on the planned route(s) around and through all areas of Kirkby Lonsdale - estimates of materials used plus any third party contractor costs (e.g. for cut and cover road crossings) - the total B4RN KL investment cost is calculated for us.

As with all other B4RN parishes, we have to finance these costs mainly by investing in Broadband for the Rural North Ltd £1 shares, to make our own town B4RN project work. Our KL B4RN network costs include many kms / miles of orange fibre optic duct (7 or 16 mm diameter), the actual flexible glass fibre optic thread or larger main route fibre optic cables that connects every property that wants it (many miles again), ground chambers (two sizes), 'fibre optic bullets' (fibre optic connectors/splitters) plus all the bits and pieces that make a 1,000 Mbps symmetrical Gigafast network. Any B4RN manpower direct costs to blow the fibre optic thread to every property subscribing, complete the fusing (final jointing at the property router) + any other admin costs are all allowed for.

This may be 'a big £££ investment number', but remember we will have built our own Kirkby Lonsdale B4RN network, and as individual B4RN shareholders, we will in effect be shared owners of it. We can also apply for certain grants or loans into B4RN Ltd, to partly support the total investment £££ figure. We may need to raise some extra ££ for specialised tools and materials our volunteers need use on your behalf.

Do tell us what you want to learn in future Blog posts... All will be revealed week-by-week here...

Drone images: Courtesy of Jonny Harrison, Number Nine, Kirkby Lonsdale

Drone images courtesy of Jonny Harrison, Number 9, Kirkby Lonsdale
West and Northwest areas of Kirkby Lonsdale up towards Booths and QES beyond. Drone image again by Jonny Harrison
Kirkby Lonsdale viewed via Google Earth - B4RN main Green Cabinet is at QES already
Schematic showing that outer areas of KL are easy to reach; the challenge will be to reach inner parts of the town
Explore the world with #B4RN
B4RN Gigabit Rural Broadband
#SiliconLuneValley - the whole Lune Valley from Caton up to Sedbergh is ideal for small creative, design or data intensive small/medium businesses which need #B4RN connectivity
B4RN Ltd in Melling - only 5.5 miles or 10 minutes away from Kirkby Lonsdale; no distant call centres for #B4RN!
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