Please Register Your Interest NOW to help secure Government funding via Gigabit Vouchers

    for a proposed B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale project




    Visit this web page now ...




    September 10th is an important deadline for all Kirkby Lonsdale residents and businesses to note in their diaries. Over the past 2 years you have already indicated ‘an expression of interest’ that you would like a B4RN FTTP Gigabit fibre-optic broadband connection to your property or business. Now is the time to act ....


    The government has recently announced that the gigabit voucher funding scheme will close for new applications in Cumbria and Northumberland in September 2021.


    The scheme provides funds to upgrade residences and businesses to Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) gigabit broadband. The rollout of B4RN in your area is dependent on this funding, so please help the KL community secure funds for the town B4RN project by signing up TODAY!


    What do you need to do? Visit https://b4rn.org.uk/postcode-checker/ today, type in your postcode and then fill in the short online form. The more forms that are completed by the 10 September deadline, the better the chances of securing government funding so that KL gets B4RN. Go to that B4RN website address or use your smartphone to see the QR code below, which will take your phone browser to that B4RN sign-up page



    If you want the Government to help pay for your own #B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale network installation visit this webpage now https://b4rn.org.uk/postcode-checker/




    See more information from B4RN Ltd on the urgency to act before 10 September via the download button below ...

  • B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale

    All the key information + resources you need to support and get involved with your own B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) FTTP fibre optic community broadband project. Future-proof your home AND save money versus BT/Sky 'old-style' copper wire broadband services. B4RN - The World's Fastest Rural Broadband with well over 5,000 connections in South Cumbria, North Lancashire and the Western Yorkshire Dales.


    Let’s make Kirkby Lonsdale a Gigabit town…


    #B4RN #SiliconLuneValley #JFDI

  • About B4RN

    The story of B4RN so far - For the Community - By the Community

    Broadband for the Rural North Ltd or 'B4RN' is a professionally designed fibre-optic broadband network, registered as a non-profit community benefit society, and run by a dedicated local team with the support of landowners and volunteers. B4RN offers 1,000Mbps FTTH broadband to every property boundary in our coverage areas, costing households only £30 per month


    Broadband for the Rural North Ltd or ‘B4RN’ was launched in December 2011 by a local volunteer group led by industry expert Barry Forde. Registered in Melling as a community benefit society with the FSA (under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965), it can never be bought by a commercial operator and its profits can only be distributed to the community. Each investor in B4RN £1 shares is a shareholder with one vote.

    Who will be doing all this B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale work?


    B4RN Ltd (Melling) will be undertaking the Kirkby Lonsdale project if sufficient people sign up via their website in August/early September 2021. A group of local Kirkby Lonsdale volunteers will support that work in various ways. If you'd like to volunteer please email b4rnforkl@gmail.com AFTER you have signed up with B4RN Ltd via the webpage links at the top of this website.


    B4RN is VERY FAST - 1,000 Mbps Upload and Download - plus a Ping (bounce-back signal) of just 1 or 2 ms


    A B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale project will help our community have 21st-century fibre optic communications direct to each home or business, so that we are 'future-proofed for all expected Internet, television and media streaming needs - domestic and business


    Importantly you will never need to worry about your broadband capability for latest generation TV systems (4K or later on in 8K), TV and game streaming, latest generation fast PCs or Macs, Voice over Internet (VoIP) telephones and more - all through direct Ethernet cable connection or Homeplugs within the home. WIFI also is fully catered for - you will have enough WIFI bandwidth for all your latest mobile devices, even if you are a large family using many mobile devices. B4RN can be used with all your current in-home networking (Ethernet or WIFI), plus it is ideal for use with new-generation MESH WIFI systems such as those from Netgear, Linksys, BT, Tenda and Ubiquiti


    What has happened so far - what will happen in future?


    We began preliminary communications in June/July 2018, and we plan to launch a fully active project during the second half of 2021, subject to enough residents/businesses signing up online in August/September. We hope to finish the project by the end of 2022.




    B4RN Community Projects are just that - they need to involve many in our town community in one way or another... Please encourage your neighbours, relatives, and friends to sign up also. The more that do - the greater the chance of success!


    Below here you will find some important and useful documents to download, read, absorb, and whet your appetite...

  • Download B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale Introduction from 2018

    The download here is the B4RN Kirkby Lonsdale initial status presentation prepared to brief parish councillors at the July 11, 2018, Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council meeting

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    This is a community project which needs the backing and direct involvement from our town community. Can you help? Volunteering just a couple of hours can help us greatly...

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